I’ve yet to build their parents

Installation, bird’s nest, mini-speakers, audio recordings of baby birds and number stations

A bird’s nest, placed high in the rafters of the exhibition space, architecture permitting (worst case scenario some artificial perch can be constructed near the ceiling for the nest to rest on). In the bird’s nest lies two small portable mini-speakers stripped of their casing, one playing recordings of hungry baby birds calling for food, the other playing recordings of announcements from number stations.

Volume of the speakers is set at a low tickle, creating the faintest possible ambience, just loud enough that at least some people in the crowd would notice and seek out the source of it. (possibly adjusted on the fly to adjust for crowd noise levels, if I solve the technical challenges involved)

A small but visible black charger wire also runs from the nest to the nearest power plug, charging the speakers.

The fragility, yearning and now futility of baby birds in their nest, perhaps corresponding to our universal position as a species, as a nostalgic reflection of lost futures. The premised potential of possible parental birds returning, as a redemptive release of responsibility, unrealised.