Agne Idam Na Mama

(lord of fire I offer you that which is not mine)

Installation, (2013)

The idea is to triangulate a sufficiently large number of data points in your sets of experience so that you can make a model of the world that is not imprisoning.
― Terence McKenna

Concern for this or that limited good can sometimes lead to the summit... But this occurs in a roundabout way. Moral ends ... are distinct from any excesses they occasion. States of glory and moments of sacredness surpass results intentionally sought.
― Georges Bataille, On Nietzsche

I admit that my visions can never mean to other men as much as they do to me. I do not regret this. All I ask is that my results should convince seekers after truth that there is beyond doubt something worthwhile seeking, attainable by methods more or less like mine. 
― AC

...they always told me that role-playing games and comic books and rock music would lead to the occult, and by golly by gumdrop, they were right, the fuckers.

― Jason Louv, Ultraculture Journal 1