Ekadanta Lambodara Gajanana

~2x4m, installation, (2014)

Akhuratha: One whose chariot is pulled by a mouse - Alampata: One who is forever eternal - Amit: One who is incomparable - Anantachidrupamayam: One who is the personification of the infinite consciousness - Avaneesh: Master of the universe - Avighna: The remover of obstacles - Balaganapati: Beloved child - Bhalchandra: One who is moon crested - Bheema: One who is gigantic - Bhupati: The lord of lords - Bhuvanpati: The lord of the heaven - Buddhinath: The God of wisdom - Buddhipriya: One who bestows of knowledge and intellect - Buddhividhata: The God of knowledge - Chaturbhuj: The four-armed lord - Devadeva: The lord of lords - Devantakanashakarin: Destroyer of evils and demons - Devavrata: One who accepts all penances - Devendrashika: The protector of all gods - Dharmik: One who is righteous and charitable - Dhoomravarna: One whose skin is smoke-hued - Durja: The invincible - Dvaimatura: One who has two mothers - Ekaakshara: One who is of a single syllable - Ekadanta: Single-tusked - Ekadrishta: Single-focused - Eshanputra: The son of Shiva - Gadadhara: One whose weapon is the mace - Gajakarna: One who has elephantine-ears - Gajanana: One who has an elephantine face - Gajananeti: One who has the looks of an elephant - Gajavakra: The trunk of an elephant - Gajavaktra: One who has an elephantine mouth - Ganadhakshya: The lord of lords - Ganadhyakshina: Leader of all celestial bodies - Ganapati: The lord of lords - Gaurisuta: The son of Gauri - Gunina: The lord of virtues - Haridra: One who is golden-hued - Heramba: Mother's beloved son - Kapila: One who is yellowish-brown - Kaveesha: The lord of poets - Kirti: The lord of music - Kripalu: Merciful lord - Krishapingaksha: One who has yellowish-brown eyes - Kshamakaram: The abode of forgiveness - Kshipra: One who is easy to appease - Lambakarna: One who has large ears - Lambodara: One who has a big belly - Mahabala: One who is enormously strong - Mahaganapati: The Supreme Lord - Maheshwaram: Lord of the universe - Mangalamurti: The all auspicious Lord - Manomay: The winner of hearts - Mrityuanjaya: The conqueror of death - Mundakarama: The abode of happiness - Muktidaya: Bestower of eternal bliss - Musikvahana: One who rides a mouse - Nadapratithishta: One who appreciates music - Namasthetu: Destroyer of evils and sins - Nandana: Lord Shiva's son - Nideeshwaram: Bestower of wealth - Omkara: One who has the form of 'Om' - Pitambara: One who has yellowish skin - Pramoda: Lord of all abodes - Prathameshwara: First among all Gods - Purush: The omnipotent personality - Rakta: One who is blood-hued - Rudrapriya: One who is the beloved of Shiva - Sarvadevatman: One who accepts all celestial offerings - Sarvasiddhanta: Bestower of skills and knowledge - Sarvatman: Protector of the universe - Shambhavi: Son of Parvati - Shashivarnam: One who has a moon-like complexion - Shoorpakarna: One who is large-eared - Shuban: The all auspicious Lord - Shubhagunakanan One who is The Master of All Virtues - Shweta: One who is as pure as the white - Siddhidhata: Bestower of accomplishments and successes - Siddhipriya: Giver of wishes and boons - Siddhivinayaka: Bestower of success - Skandapurvaja: Elder of Skanda or Kartikya - Sumukha: One who has an auspicious face - Sureshwaram: The lord of lords - Swaroop: Lover of beauty - Tarun: One who is ageless - Uddanda: The nemesis of evils and vices - Umaputra: The son of Goddess Uma - Vakratunda: One with a curved trunk - Varaganapati: Bestower of boons - Varaprada: One who grants wishes - Varadavinayaka: Bestower of success - Veeraganapati: The vigorous lord - Vidyavaridhi: The God of wisdom - Vighnahara: Remover of obstacles - Vignaharta: Destroyer of all obstacles - Vighnaraja: Lord of all obstacles - Vighnarajendra: Lord of all obstacles - Vighnavinashanaya: Destroyer of all obstacles - Vigneshwara: Lord of all obstacles - Vikat: One who is huge - Vinayaka: The Supreme Lord - Vishwamukha: Master of the universe - Vishwaraja: King of the world - Yagnakaya: One who accepts sacrificial offerings - Yashaskaram: The bestower of fame and fortune - Yashvasin: The beloved and ever popular lord - Yogadhipa: The lord of meditation


10x10x10 cm, lost-wax bronze casting and cobblestone, (2012)

Liberty has never come from the government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of the government. The history of government is a history of resistance. The history of liberty is the history of the limitation of government, not the increase of it.
― Woodrow Wilson

Pain is a relatively objective, physical phenomenon; suffering is our psychological resistance to what happens. Events may create physical pain, but they do not in themselves create suffering. Resistance creates suffering. Stress happens when your mind resists what is... The only problem in your life is your mind's resistance to life as it unfolds.
― Dan Millman